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Thinking about working from home?


Be aware, there are many looking to get rich at your expense


Before getting involved, research, research and more research!




The "Lazy" Way To Riches... (or NOT)


Working From Home

Modern Twist to Old Scams

With the rise of the Internet and e-mail, getting a phony ad or message out to a vast audience is cheap and easy.

Even though the old work-at-home scams have taken on a modern twist, the typical profile of victims who are most susceptible to these scams has changed very little.

Work-at-home con artists have always preyed most heavily upon senior citizens, the disabled, mothers who want to stay at home with their children, people with low income and few job skills, and people who just want to get rich quick.

Cyberspace is simply the newest arena that scam artists have entered to widen their hunt for more people to dupe. To avoid falling for work-at-home scams, both on- and off-line, look for the following warning signs:

  • Overstated claims of product effectiveness;
  • Exaggerated claims of potential earnings, profits, or part-time earnings;
  • Claims of "inside" information;
  • Requirements of money for instructions or products before telling you how the plan works;
  • Claims of "no experience necessary."

Warning List

Beware of falling prey to tempting work-at-home promotions that offer "easy money." You could be at risk for some very bad consequences. You can:

  • LOSE MONEY! Consumers have lost amounts ranging from $10 to $70,000, or more.
  • WASTE VALUABLE TIME! You may throw away countless hours on worthless projects that cost you a lot of money to attempt and complete, but, in the end, give you nothing in return.
  • RUIN YOUR REPUTATION! You can involuntarily sell your customers terrible quality merchandise or nonexistent products and services.
  • BE A TARGET OF LEGAL ACTION! You can be held liable for perpetrating a fraud by deliberately or even unintentionally promoting and selling fraudulent products or services to others.

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